Welcome to Sprout Sessions!

Sessions will be outside (under cover). The first 20-30 minutes will be spent in fellowship sharing highs and lows from the weeks. The next 15-20 minutes will be spent discussing a specific topic presented by Whitney. The remaining 10 minutes will be time for questions.

These sessions are informal. Moms can breastfeed, bring bottles, have personal snacks, etc. Lingering afterwards to continue to catch up and be out of the house is encouraged.

** We know life with a newborn is unpredictable. Running late, leaving early, or having to miss a session is going to happen at some point. In order to foster the best sense of community we ask that you make every effort you can to attend all six sessions and be as on time as possible.**

Cost: $150 per 6-week session

Session Topics

Session One: Introductions and sharing birth stories

Seed: Reviewing basic infant reflexes and what is typical vs atypical

Session Two: Tummy Time

Seed: Info about avoiding containers/carriers and why

Session Three: Feeding

Seed: Switching positions/holds

Session Four: Baby Sleep - routine vs strict schedule vs no schedule

Seed: Importance of sleep and effects on parents as well

Session Five: Mental Health

Seed: Importance of routine, support, self- care

Session Six: Playtime with a baby

Seed: toy/activity recommendations

Interested in participating? 

Please contact Whitney@KidSproutTherapy.com for more details

We look forward to chatting soon!