Dana Broughton, MPT

Dana received a Masters of Physical Therapy from  The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1998.  She obtained a Bachelors of Science in Rehabilitation Services from   Auburn University in 1995. Dana has practiced physical therapy for over 16 years.  Dana’s thesis “Physical Therapy in Preschool Classrooms: Successful Integration of Therapy into Classroom Routines” was published  by the American Physical Therapy Association (Pediatric Therapy) in 2003. 

Dana’s therapy objectives are grounded in skilled intervention and utilization review, understanding of cultural diversity, motivation, dedication, and a desire to learn.   Collaboration with  caregivers is a vital part of her practice.  Dana believes that families play a very important role in the success of children, and she works closely with her families to develop comprehensive home programs that result in optimal therapeutic  benefit.  

During her career, Dana has worked with patients in various specialties, including home health, acute care NICU, and outpatient.  She has gained professional certification in  Stability Plus Pilates with Peak Pilates and Physio, Dry Needling with the Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association of New Zealand, and Yoga Teacher Certification at Kawai PuroPura.   Dana is board certified by the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association, and she carries an active CPR certification.   

Dana recently returned from a sabbatical in New Zealand, and she is entering this new phase of her career with a strong foundation in traditional physical therapy, as well as a more holistic approach.   

Dana is a licensed foster parent, and she enjoys volunteering for local charities, including breast cancer and women suffering from addiction outreaches.     In her spare time, Dana loves spending time with her 2 teenage daughters and family